CORONAVIRUS IMPACT: Due to the current impacts of the CoronaVirus, FeedAFamily operations have been extremely restricted. It is our process to purchase groceries from local grocers to then have them delivered directly to those in need. Due to the CoronaVirus, many grocery stores have limited supplies therefore we are unable to purchase the foods necessary for delivery. Once the impacts of the Virus subside, our operations will be back into full swing as the grocery stores are rejuvenated.

Your Nutrition eCard

Your nutrition card is our way of assisting while our traditional means of providing food are hindered due to the impacts of the pandemic. You either have an email including a Walmart eCard with a Number, Pin and Barcode, or there is a Kroger Grocer/equivalent Card being sent in the mail to your address. The eCard or Store Card are charged with $40 dollars ($35 if a Visa Card)from community donors to help supplement our organizations traditional support. When you are ready to shop, and you have the eCard, simply print-out your emailed eCard and provide it to the Cashier when prompted, or  if you have a smart phone, the Barcode should be able to be read by the cashier from your phone.


Your Nutrition-Card must be used at a store from which the card was purchase i.e. Walmart Super-center, Kroger, Food Lion and etc. for food items such as Milk, Dairy, Fresh Vegetables & Fruits, Meats, Fish, Poultry & Bread.

A receipt of the Card Purchases must be emailed to

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