Frequently Asked Questions

Top FAQs 

  • How does FeedAFamily Work?

FeedAFamily works 100% online, even our volunteers. Families in need signup for assistance, once a donation is received towards their cause, we call them up and schedule a delivery using Instacart or Amazon Prime Pantry. The food is delivered right to the door.

  • What kind of food will I get if I receive a donation?

We have worked with a certified dietitian to provide our families being delivered fresh groceries healthy food. Online, the families can download the meal plans and recipes that ensure proper meal proportions and preparation.

  • Why have I not received any food?

If you are still waiting for food – then we have not received a donation towards your cause. To aid in getting the community to donate, we urge all of our families to post online, and make the FeedAFamily organization known. You can do so HERE.

  • Why am I receiving emails to Volunteer when I request assistance?

As you know, there is a very large portion of our Nation’s communities struggling with hunger. FeedAFamily operates 100% on donations from the community looking to aid those in need. 100% of the funds donated to a family – goes to the purchasing and delivery of food. With limited donations and a growing demand for assistance, we need everyone – even you, to assist in soliciting for help.  Start helping spread the word HERE.

  • Will I get more than one delivery?

If we receive additional donations towards your family, we will call no sooner than 30 days past your last delivery to set up a new donation of food.

  • Can food be delivered to a PO address?

No. A residential address is required.

  • FeedAFamily Terms of Use.

Due to the high volume of families in need coming through FeedAFamily, there have been many families that have not received assistance. While we understand that tensions are high during these challenging times, FeedAFamily is 100% volunteer operated by those throughout our Nation trying to help others. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is disrespectful, uses profanity, and/or in any capacity threatens our volunteers in anyway.  

While we try to provided assistance to those who sign up for services, receiving food through FeedAFamily is not a guarantee.

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