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Why FeedAFamily?

For year’s traditional food banks have successfully supplied food to families in need. In some impoverished areas, large populations of people are 100% dependent on these banks to provide food for their family. However, in recent yearstraditional food banks are meeting increasing challenges, some never experienced before that has greatly affected their solvency. A traditional food bank has operational costs such as: rental facilities, food storage/refrigeration, volunteer management, facility expenses (electric, water, trash, insurance etc.). On average 20% of what is donated has to be discarded due to food expiration date or damaged goods.

Even though the economy is recovering and donations are increasing, the employment rates are on the rise forcing a decrease in federal and state subsidies. While more people have job’s, they are often not providing enough to cover all the bills. The need for food remains at an all-time high. With so many family’s depending upon food banks, streamlining and becoming more efficient as an organizationis the only solution.

How we do it Better.

The solution lies within the recent revolution in grocery shopping. Amazon.com, Pea-pod, Giant, Safeway, Walmart and most local grocery store chains are now offering to deliver fresh groceries for a minimal charge. The delivery was originally designed for families on the go, however, with this new convenience comes a great opportunity. Grocery stores already stock and store food and by eliminating physical food bank locations, the money used to run and manage those facilities can be used to deliver food to families in need.

Home is where the Food is 

We are where you need us.

FeedAFamily is a non-traditional food bank with no brick and mortar location. All the money donated goes towards the order, purchase and home delivery of food to the family in need. When a family signs up for assistance, they are entered into our database where they have the ability to customize the foods they receive for their family (i.e. a family with young children will get first request for baby food/formula), and for the specific dietary needs. Donors will have the ability to help families in their own communities, or others all over the United States with the click of a button. Yes, there’s an app for that!

It should be noted that FeedAFamily hopes to supplement traditional food banks; we recognize that in many communities, a traditional food bank remains the only option. We are sincerely devoted to helping struggling families get on their feet again, we hope you will join us in this exciting new venture to feed America.

Our Location?

Oh yeah, andwe are digital... so we are  pretty much everywhere 


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